IX edition / TAORMINA 22-26 june 2019

Scoprite il video-racconto del Festival dalla viva voce dei suoi protagonisti.
Grazie a tutti di esserci stati!

Join Taobuk

Becoming a volunteer will give you the opportunity to get in touch with writers and artistic personalities from all over the world, breathing the atmosphere of an international festival in one of the most beautiful cities of Sicily.
Important international personalities gathered on the stage of the Teatro Antico and in the most charming locations of Taormina for the eighth edition of the Festival, transforming the city into an open-air loung of literature and arts. Revolutions has been the theme of Taobuk 2018.

The fascinations of literature combined with the beauty of a unique place in the world. It is the perfect combination of Taobuk, an international literary festival which brings together the tradition of Taormina as cosmopolitan capital of literature.

Taobuk Award

The Taobuk Awards are awarded every year to personalities of the highest profile in the literary, artistic and civil world. Since 2014, the International Award for Literary Excellence and the Career Award have created a Golden Book of awards recalling very special stories and experiences. Actions, passions, creative talents that deserve exclusive attention from the general audience of Taobuk. The delivery takes place during open events in the most beautiful places of the festival.

Holden School

Creative writing workshops.

Fiera dell’editoria
e del libro di pregio

Open call per gli editori.