Taormina, 20 - 24 Giugno 2024
14th Edition | Taobuk
Taobuk Award 2024
Relive the emotions of
Taobuk 2023
There are still many emotions to experience together. Stay updated on the latest news of the festival.
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Taormina Map
Taormina Map

Taobuk, a celebration of literature, of arts and thought

From June 20th to June 24th, 2024, an international stage with a focus on current events, books, scientific debate, live performances, featuring prominent figures of our time.

What do we mean today by identity?

We will discover it together at Taobuk 2024, through the words of the great protagonists of our time, with a constant focus on the dynamics of today, from the individual microcosm to the macrocosm, up to the new frontiers of artificial intelligence.

A stage under the open sky

Taormina is the Festival.

Places and palaces are visible stages of its history. The city is both the object and subject of a narrative that unfolds through its streets.