Taobuk Il Festival

Taobuk International Literary Festival

Beauty declined in all its forms

Such is the alchemy of Taobuk that brings the excellence of literature, the arts and thought to Taormina, a unique place in the world, a crossroads between western and eastern culture.

The Festival, born twelve years ago, from an intuition of Antonella Ferrara who presides and directs it, embraces the vocation of receiving the “literary sediments” of the city, synthesis of a history that coagulates events, myths, experiences, traditions. Every year, Taobuk chooses a theme around which a calendar of meetings revolve, with the participation of authoritative writers, artists, philosophers and scientists. The kermesse has taken on a multidisciplinary configuration and the programme is embellished with exhibitions, theatre and dance performances, film retrospectives, in evocative locations of which the most representative is the Ancient Theatre, together with palaces, corners and large hotels.

Place of the soul and space for the arts

Taormina is the symbol of a Sicily that boasts two Nobel Prizes, eight literary parks and the most successful writer of the last century, Andrea Camilleri.

The city, the destination of no less than eleven Nobel Prize winners including, Rabindranath Tagore, Thomas Mann, John Steinbeck, Anatole France, W. B. Yeats, Selma Lagerlof and Ernest Hemingway, continues to attract intellectuals, writers, scientists, institutional figures, artists and lovers of knowledge, to celebrate literature, books and their capacity to make humanity better.

Antonella ferrara
President and Artistic Director

Antonella Ferrara

In 2011, with a long experience in the cultural and events sector, Antonella Ferrara conceived and launched the Taormina International Book Festival, dedicated to the Fine Arts, bringing to natural development a story of personal and professional passion for literature.