How to get to the Festival

How to get to the Festival

  • Car
  • Bus
  • Train
  • Aeroplane
  • Ship

Sicily and Taormina can be reached by car, by motorway (signposted by green road signs), from every major Italian city.

From northern Italy, via the A1 through Naples and Salerno; then from Salerno (Amalfi Coast and Capri) along the A3 (no tolls to pay) in the direction of Reggio Calabria, exit ‘Villa S. Giovanni – Sicily’.

Once you reach the port, simply board one of the many ferries that connect the peninsula with Sicily (with the city of Messina) 24 hours a day. When you reach Messina, take the A18 towards Catania, a journey of about 30 minutes, then take the ‘Taormina’ exit.

If arriving from Catania, simply take the A18 towards Messina and then the ‘Taormina’ exit. If arriving from Palermo, take the A20 towards Messina, then the A18 towards Catania and then the ‘Taormina’ exit.

Taormina has its own modern bus terminal right in the centre of the city. Frequent buses (company ‘Interbus’) depart from Palermo, Catania (including the airport) and Messina. In addition, there are connections from Milan, Turin, Rome, Naples, Bari, Brindisi, and Taranto. (For information and timetables: Interbus 0942 625301 or visit

Taormina’s railway station is considered one of the most beautiful in Italy for its charming Art Nouveau architecture typical of Sicily; there is a wide choice of trains, from the Eurostar to the simpler but more efficient Espressi, usually departing from all major Italian railway stations. The station is only 4 km from the centre of Taormina. The taxi rank and bus stop is located opposite the main exit. (For timetable information see

Catania Fontanarossa is the nearest airport, located only 55 km from Taormina. From Catania airport, Taormina can be reached in an hour’s drive via the A18 motorway towards Messina, exit Taormina. It can be reached directly by bus for the timetable see By taxi the price is about € 100.00. (For information contact Radio Taxi tel. 095 2419911; night service tel. 095 386794)

There are also those who like to reach Taormina by ship; from northern Europe and Italy, it is possible to take a comfortable ship from the port of Genoa and reach Palermo in about 17/18 hours.
From Palermo, Taormina is only a 2-hour drive by taking the A 19. Ferries are also available from Naples to Milazzo and to Messina (an hour’s drive to Taormina), as well as hydrofoils and catamarans with daily routes from Malta to Catania and to Pozzallo.