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A festival where volunteers are protagonists

Would you like to come into contact with international authors and artists, get to know the behind the scenes of a festival and get involved in a multidisciplinary reality?

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Working as a festival volunteer means being part of an enthusiastic group and facing stimulating and dynamic challenges. At Taobuk, volunteers are the true ambassadors of the festival: they work closely with the organisational machine and are a full-fledged part of the staff. They have initiative and perseverance and, along with the festival t-shirt and badge, wear their best smile. Being a volunteer means honing adaptability and problem solving skills, carrying out one’s tasks with responsibility and growing professionally and humanely.

If you are looking forward to doing all this and to discovering the reality behind an international cultural festival, fill in the form and let us know the role you would most like to play!


A real training activity in contact with the Festival’s Artistic Direction. Doing an internship at Taobuk means having the opportunity to gain the knowledge and professionalism needed to work within a major cultural event. The internship takes place in the months preceding the event and during the days of the festival. Those who do the internship have the opportunity to stay in Taormina in the Festival accommodation.
Taobuk internship activities guarantee the recognition of university credits, where foreseen by one’s degree course.
Check with our organisational secretariat for opportunities. Fill in the form to submit your application and share any questions with us.

The roles you can take? Here they are!