Saturday 22 June - Time 15:00

Algorithms and class struggle

A homo novus between technology and digital.


What do algorithms have to do with class struggle? In social networks divisions, antagonisms, hostilities resist: they undergo only psycho-sociological updates. The algorithms, engaged in bringing together in statistical units and subsets the people of the web, are the modern masters of the masses, orient them, maneuver them, and the masses – who are addicted to social media to use it on 91% of the earth’s crust – continue to be exploited by digital capitalism but in a new way, without them noticing. Paolo Landi recounts this invisible technological dictatorship, the transformation of work and the consequent redefinition of social groups, in the illusory mobility that the fictitious democracy of the Internet encourages, while changing models and aspirations, towards a future where homo novus will be a “digital twin” redesigned by technology.

In dialogue with Giuseppe De Bellis, Sky TG24 Director.