<span>Four masterclasses for students</span>
<span>from the University of Catania</span>

Four masterclasses for students from the University of Catania

The collaboration between the University and Taobuk See Sicily is strengthened. A residential training opportunity for 50 university students from Catania who will take part in the meetings promoted in the departments on the theme of “Freedoms”.

Fifty students from the University of Catania will be able to participate in a residential internship during the 13th edition of the Taobuk Festival – See Sicily, in Taormina, from 15 to 19 June.

Thanks to a three-year agreement consolidating previous collaboration experiences, the university students will be offered the opportunity to carry out a training experience, through an internship, at the festival’s artistic direction, organisational secretariat and press office, and to participate on campus, consisting of a series of activities and meetings with important national and international representatives from the world of journalism, literature, cinema and theatre, during the days in which the event will take place.

The approaching stages will be divided into four free ‘Masterclasses’ on the chosen theme, promoted in the University’s premises and coordinated by university lecturers, which will feature talks by journalists from the main national newspapers from 4 to 25 May.

From Egyptian blue to the blue of artificial intelligence

On Thursday 4 May, at the Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Corriere della Sera correspondent and columnist Massimo Sideri will hold a meeting on ‘From Egyptian blue to the blue of artificial intelligence: how technology has influenced culture’.

Art and Freedom

On 11 May, at Disum, Roberta Scorranese from the Corriere della Sera’s Cultural Events editorial office will talk about ‘Art and Freedom’.

Media and the voice of freedoms

On Monday, 22 May at the Department of Political and Social Sciences, Corriere del Corriere war correspondent Andrea Nicastro will address the topic ‘Media and the voice of freedom’.

Women’s Empowerment and gender equality

On Thursday 25 May, the deputy editor-in-chief of Sole 24 ore, Serena Uccello, will speak on the topic of ‘Female empowerment and gender equality’.

In order to be selected for the residential internship, interested University students must participate in at least three of the Masterclasses, by sending an email to centro.teatrale@unict.it with the subject line “Taobuk Internship Application” and providing their name, matriculation, their degree course and the title of the seminars in which they took part, in the period from 25 to 30 May. Students who carry out the internship may also be awarded university credits, on the basis of the didactic regulations of their course of study.