Saturday 22 June - Time 12:00

Sustainability, technological innovation and inclusiveness underpin a new geopolitical identity

Sicily crossroads of identity.

In collaboration with the Italian Representation of the European Commission, LUISS University and ENEL.

V Observatory on Europe and the Mediterranean

While a distorted interpretation of the concept of identity can fuel divisions and conflicts, there is hope. Identity is not necessarily a dogmatic concept – it can change for the better. In full harmony with the line dictated by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterrez, sustainability and the protection of minorities can become the focus of an identity more focused on dialogue and peace, positively influencing international geopolitical processes. In this scenario, Sicily has an election role, thanks to its position of political and cultural centrality in the Mediterranean.

Moderated by Michele Groppi, King’s College London, and Ruggero Aricò, Taobuk Scientific Committee.