Sunday 18 June - Time 20:00

From invisible cities to cities of the future. Tribute to Italo Calvino.

Un evento a cura del CNR in collaborazione con TIM


The event, under the patronage of TIM, the Festival’s Main Partner for the fifth year, will see robotics and artificial intelligence expert Maria Chiara Carrozza, TIM’s Chief Enterprise Office and Innovation Elio Schiavo, space architect Valentina Sumini and Francesco Priolo, physicist and Rector of the University of Catania discuss the cities of the future, invisible cities that we are shaping with so many choices: some clear, such as the necessary energy transition, others more elusive, such as our own vision of the future of humanity. Clues will emerge from the dialogue to understand what our children’s world will be like and what choices we must make today. Without forgetting the visionary lesson of Italo Calvino.