Saturday 22 June - Time 18:00

Of beauty, great and everywhere

Conversation with the director Paolo Sorrentino.

Identity in the mirror

Conversation with the director Paolo Sorrentino.Since 2001, L’uomo in più del nostro cinema, Paolo Sorrentino, has made a profession of faith in himself, in a polite and opposite direction to the cinemino de ‘noantri, in obedience to a desire for stylistic power, and in the presence of a thirsty miracle: of the obscene sometimes and of the scene always, of love and its consequences, of the great beauty and everywhere. International departing – from Neorealism – taken, magniloquent for manifest identity, lieutenant for images and sounds, in just over twenty years Sorrentino has taken our cinema, an Oscar (The great beauty, 2014) and license to wonder: the form to corroborate the substance, the skill and never the ability, the wound to death, and the reborn for other synaesthesia. With the last Parthenope, song of siren and indeed figure of Odysseus, equally female self-determination and authorial determination, finds Naples and an autobiography, more than imaginary, imagined, mirroring himself and viewers in the common membership of homo Videns: “Anthropology is see”. create a title for this meeting

In dialogue with Federico Pontiggia, Il Fatto Quotidiano.