Il Cnr festeggia 100 anni come Italo Calvino: letteratura e ricerca mai così vicine.

Taobuk celebrates 100 years since the birth of CNR

in line with the anniversary of Italo Calvino’s birth, with different events curated by journalist Massimo Sideri. Starting from a journey into notes and numbers, the festival will explore the theme of biodiversity which in Italy has lately become a constitutional value with the Article 9. The great violinist Alessandro Quarta will give his view in words and music; the scientist Maria Chiara Carrozza, president of the CNR, with lemmas and formulas; the philosopher of science Telmo Pievani will show us how science can help defend biodiversity, starting from the Sicilian hub in Palermo of the NBFC National Biodiversity Future Centre.

Two meetings will take us into the future and space.

Robotics and artificial intelligence expert Maria Chiara Carrozza and space architect Valentina Sumini will discuss the future cities: invisible cities that we are shaping with many choices. Some of them are obvious choices, such as the energy transition; others more subtle ones, such as our own vision of humanity’s future. The two scientists will provide clues to understand what our children’s world will be like and what choices we must make today. Without forgetting the visionary and timeless lesson of Italo Calvino.

Literature and Science according to Italo Calvino

“Only if poets and writers set themselves tasks that no one else dares imagine will literature continue to have a function. Since science has begun to distrust general explanations and solutions that are not sectorial and specialized, the grand challenge for literature is to be capable of weaving together the various branches of knowledge, the various “codes,” into a manifold and multifaceted vision of the world.” (From Six Memos for the Next Millennium).