A festival where volunteers are the protagonists!

Taobuk volunteers smile and love to be in contact with the authors and the international audience of Taormina.
All the volunteers wear the t-shirt and the badge of the Festival; they network, work in a group and also individually, carrying out their duties with a sense of responsibility, because they know that the good result of the event is the result of all.

If you are 18 and would like to have a training experience in contact with the organization and the international guests of the Festival, please complete the form at the bottom of this page to join the program and be informed about the date of the selections.

For more information, please write to the following e-mail address: info@taobuk.it

Taobuk volunteers

The volunteers are the ambassadors of the Festival on the territory and participate as protagonists in the six literary days.
Participating as a volunteer in Taobuk means being available to the work that will be required by the Festival, with the necessary flexibility to better face the complex machinery of a major international cultural event.
Take a look at the figures we’re looking for and choose the one you’d like to cover by filling out the form at the bottom of the page!

Taobuk has a complex organizational machine to answer to all the needs that requires the structuring of an international event full of events and open to the encounter between different Arts.

Partecipating as volunteer means:


The Internship provides a collaboration with the Artistic Direction, which will assign to each of the selected a role based on the tasks required and in respect of the inclinations and preferences of each.

These activities will be carried out in the months preceding the event and during the event, for which reason a willingness to cooperate with the Organization is required as of April 2018.
During the Festival, the internship volunteers reside in Taormina in accommodation with special agreements.


ad. es., Ufficio del Cerimoniale, affiancamento alla Direzione artistica.

ad. es., Taormina Design Promenade, Taormina Cult, Mostre antologiche personali.


The campus is the cultural and creative workshop of the Festival, an opportunity for discussion and shared growth.
The campus activities will take place in June 2018, until the end of the Festival (the last day of activity will be Wednesday, June 27).
With respect to the internship, no commitment is required in the months prior to the Festival and is the way to get into the heart of the organization of the event if your time availability is limited to the month of June.
During the Festival the campus volunteers, as well as those of the internship, reside in accommodations with special agreements in Taormina.


Along the paths of the Festival will be arranged more info points, enabled to give information about the calendar and events related to Taobuk.
The information points will be managed by volunteers with a great predisposition to human contacts, a dynamic and flexible character, a dedication to their work starting from the acquisition of the basic information learned from the rules and the calendar of the Festival and a practical ability to manage the point-info.
Usually the commitment starts with training sessions, one week before the festival starts. These days are very useful to practice, in view of the week of commitment during the event, in which the tasks of each will be very clear.
It is fundamental to be reliable in the respect of the assigned shifts and predisposed to the contact with the public and to the potential situations to face.
If you are interested in telephone information, you should be equally friendly and available in the telephone contact.

You will have to take care of the entry and exit of people, the assistance to the public and authors, even in case of emergencies, such as rain and changes of places and times, the organization of the autograph phase, the management of microphones for interventions.

The volunteers of the mobile teams are not bound to a specific place or service but must be available and at the complete disposal of the organizers for various tasks, such as moving boxes to bring to the various places things useful to the festival, helping in the preparation and management of events, giving programs and festival posters before and during the Festival.
Volunteer availability is required from the week before the start of Taobuk.

The logistics and installation support group assists the work teams in setting up the Taobuk sites with the materials needed to run the event (chairs, stages, banners, and banners).
It starts about a week before the opening of the Festival and ends a few days after the end of the festival.

Do you love children and their company? This section is for you!
Your main task will be to entertain the little ones, led by an experienced entertainer, in the various activities proposed: painting, coloring, cutting, gluing, playing.
Children must be guided through the various activities promoted by the artist, but also accompanied to the bathroom and followed up in all their needs.
At the end of the workshop, the volunteer is asked to help him/her in tidying up and cleaning up the rooms.

The support service consists of three main functions:

  • Accompanying the drivers who lead foreign authors to and from Catania airport, entertaining them during the trip and answering their questions about the festival;
  • accompaniment of the author from the hotel to the place of the event;
  • assistance in case of simple communication problems;
  • welcome the author when he arrives at the hotel.

It is required an excellent knowledge of the language spoken by foreign authors (especially English, French, German, Spanish), a good knowledge of Taormina, from the logistical, historical and tourist point of view, the willingness to provide services even at inconvenient times (early morning and late evening).

The aspiring volunteer photographer from Taobuk needs a good digital camera, a tripod, a basic knowledge of computer programs for selecting and storing their photos in folders, and time during the days of the festival.
We do not accept people who do not offer their availability for at least two full days (morning, afternoon, evening).
The volunteer photographer should be familiar with the use of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
Aspiring photographers, in addition to filling out the form on this page, must send to the following address comunicazione@taobuk.it a technical data sheet about the camera and a short self-presentation, specifying any previous experiences.

Taobuk video reporters need their own digital camera and tripod.
Their function is to be envoys on events and not only; ready to catch every detail of the Festival’s days, they go in search of curious details, strange shots, particular situations, to capture the sparkling atmosphere of Taobuk.
Participation is required for the entire period of the Festival.
The aspiring video reporters, in addition to filling out the form on this page, must send to the following address comunicazione@taobuk.it a technical data sheet regarding the digital camera and a short self-presentation, specifying any previous experiences.

The freelance volunteer, also known as a correspondent, works alongside the text editor and has the main task of following the events assigned to him live, to then write a brief report in the shortest possible time, which will be published in real time on the website and on the Festival’s social channels. In case you have particular knowledge about a particular writer or novel you can extend a deepening.

Taobuk Lab

Another possibility to experience the Festival as an extraordinary open-air cultural laboratory is reserved to students of the Universities of Messina and Catania and high school students, thanks to Taobuk Lab, which was created in collaboration with universities, high school institutes and various cultural associations operating in the area.
The protagonists will be students who will have the opportunity to meet not only great authors of the international scene, young authors and great personalities of culture and the arts in general, but also to benefit from informal meetings and workshops that will take place during the days of Taobuk in some of the most picturesque places in Taormina.
Participation in at least 60% of the Taobuk Lab meetings scheduled will entitle you to valid CFU such as “Other Training Activities” or School Credits valid for your high school degree.
To request information about the Taobuk Lab accreditation, please contact the management of the organization by email at taobuklab@gmail.com or through the official facebook page www.facebook.com/taobuklab.