<span><strong>Creative Writing Course</strong></span>

Creative Writing Course

with Francesco Musolino

The narrating ‘ego’ in search of a way to express emotions

Find and narrate ourselves. The words that free emotions

is the creative writing course that will be led by Francesco Musolino.

Starting from the words of the Nobel Prize winner for literature, Annie Ernaux, we will tackle emotions, first-person narration and the secrets of autofiction, in search of the narrating ego capable of freeing emotions.

To find and narrate ourselves, to find our own voice, we will read Joan Didion, Emmanuel Carrère, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Zadie Smith and other famous authors. Together, live, we will practise the search for the self, the urge to release emotions on the page. Without fear.

With Francesco Musolino

Francesco Musolino, born in Messina in 1981, is a cultural journalist and writer. He collaborates with several national newspapers covering books, society and technology. In 2019 he made his debut with the novel L’attimo prima (Rizzoli, 2019). In 2022, he published the Mediterranean noir Mare Mosso (Edizioni e/o).

In 2023 he made his debut in children’s fiction with Miti e storie del mare (La Nuova Frontiera Junior). Creator of the non-profit reading project @Stoleggendo, member of the Piccoli Maestri collective, he collaborates with the Holden School.