Monday 19 June - Time 19:00

What future for Taormina? New structures and horizons for cultural tourism.

A tribute to Italo Mennella, former President of the Taormina Hoteliers Association


Goethe called it ‘the greatest masterpiece of art and nature’, Guy de Maupassant ‘a painting in which everything that seems to exist on earth is found to seduce the eyes, spirit and imagination’. Taormina seduces, amazes and conquers. Thanks to the collaboration between cultural, tourist and institutional bodies, Taormina has conquered the international spotlight and has become the first international film tourism destination on Tripadvisor, ahead Rome and Los Angeles. Merit also goes to the effect created by The White Lotus, the successful Hbo series. Culture is also entertainment and Taormina is already a stage ready to host it. Because there can be no tourism without culture.