Monday 19 June - Time 21:00

The Odyssey of precariousness

The price of press freedom

Precariousness, exploitation, wages below decency, psychological pressure, bullying, unscrupulous publishers and daily intimidation. In a word, precariat: a devious evil that blackmails and kills. . Volevo solo fare il giornalista– La storia di Alessandro Bozzo is a raw and dramatic monologue starring Salvo Piparo, with music by Michele Piccione, taken from the book by Lucio Luca Quattro centesimi a riga (Zolfo Editore), but it is also an ode to freedom of the press, entrusted to the personal story of Alessandro Bozzo, here retraced through a diary-testament. What’s the price of freedom of the press? Four cents a line and a knee-high. And here stands a collective cry against the state of neglect and iniquity of information in our country.