Friday 16 June - Time 10:30

Taobuk Da Vinci Award Delivery and Lectio Magistralis

In collaboration with Università degli Studi di Messina.

The following will be awarded:

Shinya Yamanaka*- Nobel Prize in Medicine, Kyoto University

Lectio Magistralis “Human Ips Cells – New Frontier in Medical Research between Expectations and Promises”.


Gregg Leonard Semenza – Nobel Prize in Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Lectio Magistralis “Importance of the Role of Hypoxia in Physiology and Medicine for future Scientific Research”.

Tal Dvir, Tel Aviv University

Lectio Magistralis “Print 3 D Heart Using Patient’s Own Cells”.

Camillo Ricordi, Diabetes Research Institute, Miami – Florida

Lectio Magistralis “Cutting-edge protocols for pancreatic regeneration”.