Friday 21 June - Time 21:00

Tell the unspeakable

Identity in the mirror

Pen that goes beyond space and time to give voice to the unspeakable, Fosse is the singer of universal destinies, in which individual identities are mixed, recomposed and overwritten cyclic, in a mosaic of bewitching beauty. In the same way, his theatre becomes a representation and a story of the unspeakable, a point of connection between the identities of the characters and those of the readers, within Pirandello’s echoes and Beckett’s ancestry. Through a path that gives masterpieces such as Melancholia and The other name. Settologia (La Nave di Teseo) arrives at the most recent works, Jon Fosse, Nobel Prize for Literature 2023, accompanies us in his narrative world, aimed at the search for the supreme meaning of existence.

In dialogue with Sabina Minardi, Head of Culture L’Espresso.

Introduced by Caterina Andò, Member of the Taobuk Scientific Committee.