Quanto è arrogante questo Occidente

Story of a disillusionment.

The space of free thought BPER Agorà

A book, There is rotten in the West (Raffaello Cortina Publisher) by Piergiorgio Odifreddi, which is like a warning. Let us not let our guard down, let us not just look at the surface. Let us not be content with not being worse than others. Odifreddi, like many Italians born after the war, grew up in the myth of the United States and the American soldiers “liberators”: they, on the other hand, were the ones who saved his father and his grandfather, both deported by the Nazi-fascists. Yet, since the Vietnam War, his relationship with the U.S. has begun to change. In the end, he comes to a conclusion: the arrogance of the West. Behind the lie is revealed the identity of the ruler, protagonist of economic exploitation, trade embargo, military occupation.

Moderated by Guido Nicolosi, professor