Friday 16 June - Time 19:00

Our ‘intimate lives’. Between freedom and dependence.

In collaboration with University of Catania.


There is an ‘intimate life’ that sometimes runs the risk of being swallowed up by a ‘public life’ that wants us to be spotless and fragile. In his latest novel, La vita intima (Einaudi), Niccolò Ammaniti gives life to a sarcastic fresco of contemporary society that thinks it is increasingly free and instead finds itself increasingly enslaved: of image, reputation, social networks.
In Avere tutto (Einaudi) by Marco Missiroli, the same tension between freedom and dependence becomes a reflection on the obsession of having everything. But what does it mean to have everything? In the end, the obsession is not to have more, but to risk to have everything.

In dialogue with Luca Beatrice, art critic, lecturer at the Accademia Albertina, the IED in Turin and the IULM in Milan. He is the author of books and collaborates with Libero and Linkiesta. He is curator of Velasco Vitali’s solo exhibition, Le Grand Bleu.

With a speech by Stefania Rimini, lecturer in Cinema, Television and Photography at the Department of Humanities, University of Catania.