Saturday 17 June - Time 11:00

Mare Nostrum and war in Ukraine. Italy at the crossroads of the energy challenge for a free Europe

In collaboration with the Italian Representation of the European Commission.

IV Observatory on Europe and the Mediterrean

The war in Ukraine has brought the issue of energy independence to the fore. The liberation from the Russian hydrocarbons, political choice before economic, has moved to the south the center of gravity of the European supply and the Mediterranean Sea has assumed a new, strategic importance as a crossroads of the routes that bring gas from the Gulf countries and the United States, while revaluing existing links with suppliers in North Africa where Italy has historical ties.

What choices is Europe facing? How can our country best exploit, economically politically and strategically, its Mediterranean centrality while avoiding the risks that have always run countries that become energy hubs?

With Frediano Finucci, Head of the Economics and Foreign Affairs Editorial staff of TgLa7 and host of the programme Omnibus.