Thursday 20 June - Time 20:00

The Last Will: Testaments that Made Italy Great

In collaboration with Corriere della Sera and the National Council of Notaries.


A common thread connects the wills of famous figures to those of ordinary people. Preserved in notarial archives and available for anyone to read, they reflect a wide range of emotions and situations: love, hate, gratitude, vanity, brutal confessions, double entendres, and even unintended humor. Drawing inspiration from the exhibition “Io qui sottoscritto. Testamenti di grandi italiani,” promoted by the National Council of Notaries, this live event brings a taste of the new podcast series by Corriere della Sera to the stage. The series tells the story of Italy through the final messages left by men and women, both famous and not, to their heirs. And to all of us.

Live music by Luca Gemma.