Sunday 23 June - Time 12:00

The endless possibilities of being something else

Conversation with Fernando Aramburu, on the occasion of the Taobuk Award for Literary Excellence.
In collaboration with the Spanish Embassy in Italy and Instituto Cervantes in Palermo.

Identity in the mirror

The prose of Fernando Aramburu offers a profound fresco of the way in which violence and ideological divisions influence the life of each, while telling the saving seed that the encounter between men and cultures offers in contrast to the clash. It is the constant search for a freedom that the author has always sought even in books, finding in them the possibility of imagining new identities, of being other. In an age often marked by the inability to look beyond present conflicts, the author of the international success Patria leads us in his dearest themes, to question the meaning of life between past and present, hope and nihilism, struggle and freedom.

In dialogue with Juan Carlos Reche Cala, Director Instituto Cervantes Palermo and Mario Di Caro, La Repubblica.

With the intervention of the Spanish Ambassador in Italy Miguel Angel Fernandez Palacios Martinez.