Thursday 20 June - Time 20:00

Contemporary art as a crossroads of identity

Taobuk Award to Arnaldo Pomodoro
In collaboration with Fondazione Oelle – Mediterraneo Antico and Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro

Visual Arts

“Sea between lands” and meeting point for peoples and cultures, the Mediterranean region is the guardian of an intangible heritage that animates the contemporary artistic imagination. In line with its tradition and vocation for the visual arts, the Festival celebrates its fourteenth edition paying tribute to the genius of Arnaldo Pomodoro, eclectic master of the international art scene with his “Antenna del tempo”conceptual reworking of the archetypal symbol of the arrow, reinterpreted the theme of identity as the union of space and time, individuality and otherness, tradition and change. Manifesto di Taobuk 2024, the work of Maestro Pomodoro reflects the contaminations that make the Mediterranean, still today, a dynamic crossroads of cultural syncretism.


Roberta Scorranese, Corriere della Sera/i>