Friday 21 June - Time 16:00

The ancient South of Magna Grecia

An Italian heritage of plural identity.


Stories of ancient people who lived in the first millennium before Christ in Magna Grecia, southern Italy. Marco Osanna tells a story of mobility and contacts, because for everyone, Greeks and “indigenous”, the network of connections and the relationship with others were the most relevant existential figure. In the New World. Journey to the origins of Magna Grecia (Rizzoli), the author crosses thirteen archaeological parks, which represent the highest point of conservation in our country, offering a cross-section of cities that have given so much splendor to our culture “before Rome”. From Sibari to Metaponto, from Pompeii to Policoro, passing through the museums of Manfredonia and Venosa, an identity heritage that does justice to the amazing archaeological and cultural wealth of southern Italy.

In dialogue with Roberta Scorranese, Corriere della Sera.