Sunday 18 June - Time 12:00

Fuori cornice. Giuseppe Penone. The breath of the world.

'Signora Libertà, Signorina Fantasia'

It is a story of nature and humanity that of Giuseppe Penone who, by leaving his mark on trees and working on river stones or the intimate life of leaves, has given new meaning to the idea of sculpture. Gesti universali, the selection of works recently hosted by the Galleria Borghese, in dialogue with masters of art such as Bernini and Canova, reconnects with one of the most delicate questions of the era we are living in: we are the planet. This is why Fuori Cornice, Taobuk’s Contemporary Art format, has chosen Giuseppe Penone as the symbol of the 2023 edition.

With Roberta Scorranese, Il Corriere della Sera.