Sunday 23 June - Time 17:00

Creativity and catastrophe

Conversation with Jonathan Safran Foer in dialogue with Etgar Keret.
Exclusive presence for Italy.
In collaboration with University of Catania.

Identity in the mirror

Jonathan Safran Foer, with his writing, has been able to create the blurred and blurred boundary between creativity and catastrophe. With his books, from Everything is enlightened to Here I am (Guanda) through his essays, the author recounted September 11, the prophetic destruction of Israel, global warming. In the same way, Etgar Keret’s books recount the turbulence that rewrites the human condition, and from which to learn, to be reborn, to start again for the ever-perennial definition of what we are, and what the world is. A powerful literary and human conversation to reflect on the creative destruction – or destructive creations – community and collective present.

In dialogue with Francesca Longo, Vice Rector of the University of Catania.
Moderated by Viviana Mazza, Corriere della Sera.