Sunday 18 June - Time 21:00

Arts and science, a common language. A journey into notes and numbers.

Un evento a cura del CNR


So far away, so close. What do music and mathematics have in common? They are the two universal languages, the two elements we focused on when Nasa decided to send a message to a hypothetical alien civilisation in the 1970s. Notes and numbers are the two languages of nature, the two helices of the DNA of biodiversity, which in Italy, thanks to the rewriting of Article 9, has also become a constitutional value. How can we defend it for the new generations? This will be made clear to us by the lesson of a great violinist, Alessandro Quarta, who will respond in words and music, and the scientist Maria Chiara Carrozza. While the philosopher of science Telmo Pievani will help us understand how science can help defend biodiversity, starting from the CNR’s Sicilian centre.