Thursday 15 June - Time 21:00

Anatomy of a free man. Tribute to Luis Sepúlveda

first recipient of the Taobuk Award.
In collaboration with the Spanish Embassy in Italy and the Instituto Cervantes in Palermo.

Voices of Freedom

On the one hand, a bond that goes beyond time, a passionate love story of shared battles and ideals, seen through the eyes of poet and intellectual Carmen Yáñez, who married Luis Sepúlveda in Chile in the late 1970s. On the other, a journey through the personal, ethical and existential geography of a free writer, thanks to Daniel Mordzinski’s photographs, now brought together in the anthology Hotel Chile (Guanda). A bridge between literature and photography, which includes texts by Luis in dialogue with Daniel’s photographs; a tandem that allows us to look at the places that have had special significance in Sepúlveda’s life, from the cities of his childhood and youth to his last: Gijón.

With Massimo Vigliar, film producer and author of Rincorrendo le storie – Luis Sepúlveda un amico (Guanda).