Saturday 22 June - Time 19:00

To the heart, Ferzan, to the heart (hidden)!

Ozpetek’s sense for feeling: women, loves and other beats, art made life

Identity in the mirror

A curious director and screenwriter of the human being, a writer of images and a poet of emotions, Ferzan Ozpetek was able to print his imagination, often autobiographical, on the retina of Italians, making his filmography a private and public diary of desires, yearnings, pains and rebirths. Ozpetek, Taobuk Award, returns to the bookstore with Hidden Heart (Mondadori), a new testimony of a living art, chiseled in the frames, dedicated to memory, open to empathy: a “hidden heart”, his, but revealing for each of us.

In dialogue with Federico Pontiggia, i>The Daily Fact.