Monday 19 June - Time 20:00

Forgotten freedoms. Constitutional failures and the drama of judgement.


Every society, through the instrument of law, aspires to become authentically just and to resolve the internal conflicts that run through it. But is this really possible? Indeed, saying ‘law’ is not always the same as saying ‘justice’. This is true both if we look at the ‘failed promises’ of the Constitutional Charter, hence at its principles of justice that often remain unimplemented, and if we observe the ‘dramatic’ dynamics of the juridical judgement called upon to respond to a claim of justice Gherardo Colombo with his Anticostituzione (Garzanti) and Alessio Lo Giudice with Il dramma del giudizio (Mimesis) will dialogue to explore these themes, with the aim of ‘unmasking’ the dyscrasia that exists between guaranteed rights and their application and ‘exploring’ the dramatic human nature of judgement.

With Elvira Terranova, Adnkronos.