Matteo Collura

Originally a Sicilian, Matteo Collura lives in Milan. After a young experience as a painter and after taking up the profession of journalism, in 1979 he made his literary debut with the novel Associazione indigenti, published by Einaudi with the approval of Italo Calvino. In 1996 he published the biography of Leonardo Sciascia, who was his friend: Il maestro di Regalpetra, followed, in 2002, by Alfabeto eretico (now in the Longanesi catalogue with the title Alfabeto Sciascia). In 2010 he published Il gioco delle parti - Vita straordinaria by Luigi Pirandello. Matteo Collura has dedicated several other books to his region, including: In Sicilia; L’isola senza ponte; Sicilia, la fabbrica del mito (edited by Longanesi) and Sicilia sconosciuta (Rizzoli). He writes culture articles for Corriere della Sera and Il Messaggero.

20180626 - The Historical Archive

The guest will give a lectio magistralis entitled Books, life friends. Words will continue to survive beyond every technological revolution (6 pm).