Marco Bentivogli

Marco Bentivogli

MARCO BENTIVOGLI, Italian trade unionist (b. Conegliano 1970).

Former Secretary General of the Italian Metalworkers’ Federation Cisl since 2014.

Previously he was the national head of the Young Metal Workers Cisl, between 1998 and 2008 provincial secretary, first in Bologna and then in Ancona. In 2008 he joined the National Secretariat.

He followed all the major industrial disputes (from FCA, Alcoa, Ilva, Whirlpool) and the negotiations of the contract of metalworkers.

In 2018 he launched with the then Minister of Development, Carlo Calenda, the “Industrial Plan for Italy of skills”.

In November 2016, he signed the National Contract of Metalworkers that builds a new integrative Welfare and affirms for the first time the subjective right to training for each worker.

In 2015 and 2019 he signed the agreements for Fca-Cnhi-Ferrari.

In August 2018, with Massimo Chiriatti, he launched the Blockchain Manifesto Italia, to extend the use of blockchains to sustainability, work and new production models.

Since January 2019, he has been a member of the Commission on Artificial Intelligence established at the Ministry of Development.

He collaborates with numerous newspapers and magazines, including Il Foglio, ilsole24ore, Il Messaggero, La Repubblica.

He is the author of numerous publications on the relationship between technology and work and the two editions of “Have we ruined Italy? Because you can not do without the union” 2016, 2017.

In 2019 she published “Contrordine Compagni, manual of resistance to technophobia, “Europe, do not be alone!” with Pepe Mujica, and “Fabbrica Futuro” with Diodato Pirone.

In 2020 he just published “Independent. Guide to smart working”.