Marcella Cannariato

Marcella Cannariato

Ms Marcella Cannariato has distinguished herself for her commitment in the economic, social, voluntary, cultural heritage and environmental fields, and for the affirmation of equal opportunities.

Her continuous and constant commitment to these issues is not only manifested in her activity as an entrepreneur, but goes beyond this and characterizes her life.

This commitment to actively contribute to the achievement of a more just and equitable society and to the full affirmation of equal opportunities for men and women is also reflected in its battle for education and financial literacy for women, aimed at providing these with a quality education and a financial maturity that helps them to make informed choices, to be free economically, up to the accompaniment for the creation of productive start-ups.

The social commitment and support for women and new generations is a constant in the life of Mrs Marcella Cannariato, is in fact still responsible for the Sicily Region of the Foundation Marisa Bellisario; President of the non-profit association Fiori d’Acciaio and member of the board of directors of the Ets Vampa Association

For Marcella Cannariato today more than ever, in the context of doing business, the duty to adopt new behaviors in consideration of social relationships, internal and external resources, the multiplicity of interlocutors, integration into the territory and its consequences.

And it is precisely in the relationship with the territory that his business idea finds its deepest raison d’être, finalizing projects and initiatives to build value, looking precisely at the territory and the environment as a renewable and inexhaustible resource, source of inspiration and place for ethical action.

Companies must therefore base their success which today is not only linked to
achieving performance in terms of efficiency but also compliance
and the pursuit of ethical results, together with the contribution to the
collective welfare.

As a result of her constant commitment to these issues, Marcella Cannariato has become such a bulwark to carry out the activity of Expert of the Minister for Equal Opportunities and the Family Prof. Elena Bonetti, to be a member of the Women’s Enterprise Committee set up by the Ministry of Economic Development and also to be a member of the Jerusalem Foundation.


In addition to her social and ethical commitment, Marcella Cannariato is an enlightened entrepreneur, so much so that the A&C Broker srl of which she is Sole Administrator is the first Ethical Broker of Italy and on 30 December 2020, Marcella Cannariato, as sole Administrator of A&C broker, was one of the first company executives to have its company achieve the “International Gender Certification” released by Winning Woman that rewards the virtuous path within a working context aimed at enhancing the female figure in companies and management.

Her entrepreneurial career is such that the prestigious magazine “Forbes” has included her, as the first and only Sicilian entrepreneur, among the 100 most influential women in Italy.

Marcella Cannariato’s commitment to the themes of socially responsible business culture, addressed also and above all in the support of the weakest and women is continuous and constant. In fact, he also organized a solidarity mission to help the people of Ukraine,
“Children first of all”. The initiative was promoted by the Bellisario Foundation in partnership with the international humanitarian organization Life and Life, the Era Association – Palermo section and Civil Protection volunteers.