Giovanni Sollima

Giovanni Sollima

Enrico Melozzi is a talented Italian musician and conductor, with a career full of collaborations and successful projects. After graduating in cello, he worked as an assistant to Michael Riessler, collaborating on numerous projects as an arranger and artistic producer. He then expanded his repertoire by approaching contemporary music and collaborating with important musicians such as Sabine Meyer, Vinko Globokar and Jean Pierre Drouet.

Over the years, Melozzi has debuted as a conductor and has composed music for short films, feature films and theatre performances. In 2004 he founded the electronic music duo Lisma Project and in 2007 he created the independent record label Cinik Records.

One of the highlights of his career was 2011, when he launched Vertenza Musica and founded the group “100 Cellos” together with Giovanni Sollima, gathering more than 140 cellists from all over the world for a maxi-reunion. In 2016 he founded the Underground Night Orchestra, for which he created the “Underground Raves of Classical Music”.

Melozzi has also worked extensively in the field of theatre and film, composing award-winning soundtracks and collaborating with internationally renowned directors. He has participated in the Sanremo Festival as a conductor since 2012, conducting numerous artists and achieving significant successes.

In 2020 he successfully debuted the interactive work “Opera Crime” and in 2023 he created the project of the Night of the Snakes, dedicated to the musical traditions of Abruzzo.

His artistic versatility and his ability to innovate in the field of music make him a prominent figure in the Italian music scene.