Enrico Melozzi

Enrico Melozzi

Enrico Melozzi, after graduating in cello in 1999, began working as an assistant to Michael Riessler. This collaboration gave him the opportunity to participate in numerous projects as an arranger and artistic producer. Later, he approached contemporary music collaborating with important musicians such as Sabine Meyer, Vinko Globokar and Jean Pierre Drouet.

In 2002 he made his debut as a conductor at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome with his opera about Oliver Twist. This experience led him to collaborate with various directors and to compose music for short films, feature films and theater performances. In 2004 he founded the electronic music duo Lisma Project together with DJ Stefano De Angelis and in 2007 he created the independent record label Cinik Records.

Over the years, Melozzi has continued to distinguish himself in the field of music, collaborating with several artists and innovative projects. Among his most significant successes, it should be mentioned the foundation of the group “100 Cellos” together with Giovanni Sollima, which led to the first maxi-reunion of cellists in Italy, with the participation of more than 140 musicians from all over the world.

His career has been enriched by numerous other experiences, including the foundation of the Underground Night Orchestra in 2016 and the creation of events such as the “Underground Raves of Classical Music”, which have helped to promote classical music in innovative ways.

Melozzi has also made his mark in the field of theatre and film, composing award-winning soundtracks and collaborating with internationally renowned directors. His participation in the Sanremo Festival as conductor and his many original creations confirm him as a leading figure in the Italian music scene.