Alessio Vassallo

Alessio Vassallo

Alessio Vassallo is an Italian actor born on August 10, 1983 in Palermo. He received the Best Actor Debut Award at the Sabaudia in 2015 for the film “Fino a qui tutto bene”. He is currently 40 years old and is of the zodiac sign Leo.

Alessio Vassallo has a versatile career ranging from theater to cinema and television. It debuted on the big screen in 2006 with the episode film “No Stories”. Since then he has taken part in numerous projects, playing roles in both film and television.

In the theater, Vassallo took part in several plays, including “Milonga cupa”, “The Bald Singer” and “The White Nights”, just to name a few. He began his theatrical career in the early 2000s and continues to be a point of reference in the Italian scene.

In film, he has worked in a variety of short and feature films, with roles ranging from comedy to drama. Some of his best-known works include “Viola di mare”, “Fino a qui tutto bene” and “La moglie del sarto”.

On television, he starred in numerous products, including TV series such as “Team anti-mafia – Palermo today 2” and “The young Montalbano”, as well as miniseries and TV movies.

His career is characterized by versatility and the ability to jump between different genres and formats. With over two decades of experience in the world of entertainment, Alessio Vassallo is confirmed as one of the leading figures in the Italian art scene.