International Award for Literary Excellence and Career Award

The Taobuk Awards are awarded every year to personalities of the highest profile in the literary, artistic and civil world. Since 2014, the International Award for Literary Excellence and the Career Award have created a Golden Book of awards recalling very special stories and experiences.

Actions, passions, creative talents that deserve exclusive attention from the general public of Taobuk. The delivery takes place during open events in the most beautiful places of the festival.

Sicily Prize

Since 2016 Taobuk has awarded the Sicily Award, assigned by the Sicily Region Tourism, Sport and Entertainment Department, a prestigious award to personalities from the world of culture, institutions and civil society to pay homage to their excellent personal, civil and artistic commitment.

Hand-crafted care

The Taobuk Award for Literary Excellence features an open book with precious pages of silver and stone, and decorations in coral and lapis on the sculpture of the Centauressa, symbol of the city of Taormina. The artist wanted to represent the power of speech and the immanence of ideas and thought in time. The Career Award is an acknowledgment that aims to underline both the moral and professional value of those who receive it. The artisan commitment lavished on these very elaborate – both technically and in the forge – manufactured products is the result of passion and dedication of expert hands.


Necklaces - Alvaro e Correnti

Jewelry forged with fire and made with passion.

Alvaro e Correnti is an internationally recognized artisan company, always operating in the Italian goldsmith tradition which is refined and not serial, not bound to market trends, dedicated to the unique piece and the search for techniques and aesthetic solutions rigorous.

A technical and artistic team of proven experience, since 1967 proposes innovative and traditional ideas starting from the shops of Messina and Taormina through corners and art galleries in several places.

Alfredo Correnti, founder of the company and still a great creative genius together with Alvaro Giuseppe, partner for more than thirty years, had the wisdom to hand down the passion and knowledge of an ancient trade to his daughters Sanny Alvaro and Leila Correnti, who with great love and passion continue to tell through their products an ancient family tradition.


Sicily, crossroads of great civilizations and treasure chest of exceptional archaeological treasures, becomes a fertile ground for skilled interpreters of the techniques and artistic language of an ancient culture that has so influenced our idea of beauty.
The love for Greek art and culture has always been a source of inspiration for the creations of Alvaro and Correnti. Working pure gold, combining it with bronze, burnished silver and engraved gems, they present jewels of surprising topicality and classical refinement.
A spearhead, a sculpture, a coin thus become the starting point for a production that, through numerous techniques, leads to the creation of new objects, jewelry and refined jewelry.

i premiati 2019

Simone Cristicchi TAOBUK AWARD
Fabrizio Ferracane TAOBUK AWARD
Massimo Ghini TAOBUK AWARD

i premiati 2018

the awarded in 2017

Abraham Yehoshua Taobuk Award for Literary Excellence
Isabel Allende Premio Sicilia
Christian De Sica Premio per l’interpretazione drammatica nel film "Fräulein"
Domenico Starnone Taobuk Award for Literary Excellence
Luigi Lo Cascio Premio "Una vita per l'arte"
Gianni Amelio Taobuk Award alla Carriera

the awarded in 2016

Michael Cunningham Taobuk Award for Literary Excellence
Luis Sepulveda Premio Sicilia
Leo Gullotta Taobuk Una vita Per l'Arte
Claudio Magris Taobuk Award for Literary Excellence
Giuseppe Tornatore Taobuk Award alla Carriera

the awarded in 2015

Tahar Ben Jelloun Taobuk Award for Literary Excellence
Noa Achinoam Nini Taobuk Award per la Pace
Uto Ughi Taobuk Award alla Carriera
Orhan Pamuk Taobuk Award For Literary Excellence

the awarded in 2014

Luis Sepulveda Taobuk Award for Literary Excellence
Pietro Grasso Taobuk Award per l'impegno civile
Nicola Piovani Taobuk Award alla Carriera