C4Y: Challenges 4 Youth

C4Y: Challenges 4 Youth

A national seminar for youngers

The structured dialogue is a process of debate between young people and policy makers on different issues, the aim of which is to ensure that young people’s views are taken into account in shaping EU youth policies.

Taormina Book Festival promotes the project Challenges 4 Youth: Structured Dialogue on Integration, aimed at supporting the active participation of young people in democratic life, creating an opportunity for young people to meet and dialogue with the responsible for youth policy. The general aim of the project is to offer participants the opportunity to create spaces for discussion and active dialogue on the sensitive issues of the active participation of young people in the democratic life of the country, the integration and inclusion of disadvantaged people, also in view of the elections for the renewal of the European Parliament in 2019. The areas that the project aims to investigate will concern:
The future of youth in the EU, Participation and Social Inclusion, Integration of Migrants and Refugees and Combating Radicalisation, Youth Volunteering and the European Solidarity Corps.

On these topics, the young people will question themselves together with the decision makers during the National Seminar held in Taormina from 24 to 27 June 2018.