Pasquale Caliri

Pasquale Caliri, Sicilian, is the chef of Marina Del Nettuno Yachting Club, exclusive restaurant in the picturesque scenery of the Strait of Messina. Passionate about avant-garde cuisine, he has expanded his knowledge at various restaurants in Italy and in the East and in the United States of America. Among the most significant collaborations there is the one with Joia, the Michelin-starred Milanese restaurant of vegetarian cuisine. Among his authoritative masters there is also the great Chef Paco Torreblanca. He has received numerous awards by Not only the public but also the press and international critics.

20180625 - Hotel Villa Diodoro

The guest will attend the event La rivoluzione del Tiramisù da viaggio: quando la pasticceria sfida la tradizione (1 pm).