Giancarlo Mazzuca

Giancarlo Mazzuca is a member of the board of directors of Rai and a commentator on Il Giornale. Mondadori published: La Resistenza tricolore (with Arrigo Petacco) and Mussolini e i musulmani (with Gianmarco Walch). He won several awards such as the Saint Vincent, the Campione d’Italia, the Silone, the Montanelli, the Acqui Storia and the Galileo 2018 for Inter-religious Dialogue.

20180624 - Palazzo Ciampoli

The guest will attend the events Information 4.0: news and fake news. Revolution or counterrevolution? (4 pm) and The Power methods. Chronicle of a Country without statesmen (Palazzo Ciampoli, 6 pm) together with Luciano Fontana.