Fernando Savater

Fernando Savater (San Sebastián, 1947) is a Spanish philosopher and writer, during his years of training was strongly influenced by Nietzsche and Cioran's reading. His philosophical thinking has always been accompanied by a particular attention to political and social issues. He has become the spokesman for a new idea of ethics closer to the will and desires of man and violently opposed to the ethics of doing, considered leader in contemporary society. His latest works include: Piccola bussola etica per il mondo che viene (2014) e Voltaire. Contro i fanatici (2016). He published Un'etica per il futuro (Castelvecchi).    

20180625 - Palazzo Ciampoli

Savater will give a lectio magistralis at 7 pm on the theme The revolutionary tradition. Dreams, passions and visions that have moved history.