Amos Oz

Amos Oz is an israeli writer, author of novels and essays. He graduated in Literature and Philosophy at the Jewish University in Jerusalem; then, he studied in Oxford. In the 60s, he took part to the pacifist movement Shalōm 'akhshāv (peace now), together with other writers such as A. Yehoshua and D. Grossman. In 1987 he moved in Negev, where he teaches Jewish Literature at Ben Gurion University. His literary activity won him several prizes such as: the Bjalij Prize (1986), the Prix Femina Prize (1989), the Israeli Prize, (1998), the Prince of Asturias Prize (2007) and the Bottari Lattes Grinzane Prize (2016).  

20180623 - Teatro Antico

Amos Oz will be awarded the Taobuk Award for Literary Excellence during the opening ceremony of the Festival on June 23th. On Sunday 24th June, Amos Oz will give a lectio magistralis (8 pm) on the theme Evolution or revolution. He will reflect on the role of an intellectual who defends free thinking when everyone seems to be groping in the dark.